A New Chapter - We've Moved!

We’ve moved! After a back breaking few days of moving (a massive thank you to all who helped), we’re now safely into our new, larger warehouse in Hornsey, North London. Apologies to all for some delays over the last couple of weeks during the transition - and thanks for your understanding about small business growing pains!

We've had a huge influx of selling kits in recent months and have been in need of extra space for a little while as a result, so its a great feeling to now have room to grow again. We plan to double the size of our processing team over the next few weeks to help process your clothes faster. The processing times had begun to creep materially above the 2 weeks we aim for during those final few weeks at the old location, and we now expect those to come back down again in the weeks ahead thanks to more space and more people - thanks so much for you patience in the interim though! We're also investing in new equipment and technology to further improve the quality and efficiency of our listing process. Alongside that, we're also looking at ways to develop our tech back-end to handle a more frequent communication flow about the status of your items - stay tuned for developments! Have any recommendations for us or things you would like to see added? Just ping us an email, we'd love to hear from you.

We’re also sending out selling kits again - just pop on to the website to get your free kit if you’re in need of a wardrobe clear-out! 😄♻️

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