How do we sell your clothes online?

Interested in what goes on behind the scenes after you send your clothes off to ReThread?

The operations behind processing 000s of unique secondhand items is no small fry. Here's the journey each item makes!

The best way to sell clothes online

Inspection & Logging: our processing team open your newly arrived bags and rigorously check each item's condition against our quality standards. We also record the main attributes into our system in order to build a search-optimised listing that attracts the right buyers.

 Photography: Professional lighting and a clean, modern backdrop help your item stand out and attract online traffic.

️ Pricing & Listing: We use our proprietary SmartPricing algorithim that draws on over 15 million past sales datapoints to optimise pricing for each product. We take into account factors like brand, category, season, condition and general secondhand demand/supply dynamics. We list your items across our website and ebay stores simultaneously to increase their chances of selling.

 Inventory: our in-house management system handles the complexities of storing 000s of unique products.

 Shipping: after a successful sale, items are picked and packed by our team and are sent off on their way to a happy new home!

Re-selling clothes yourself is hard. And as a result, not enough people do it. That's the reason why we built ReThread. We do all the work for you, and in turn, our aim is to incentivise more people to go circular with their fashion choices. ♻️

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