How does seasonality affect resale value?

Whether you are a buyer or seller, take notice. Timing can make a big difference.

seasonal selling prices

So this week's chart shows how the resale price of each category varies relative to its average over the course of the past year.

The high level trends aren't going to surprise you, but putting numbers on it is not something we've seen anyone do before.

For example, the data shows that you can buy the same jacket 50% cheaper in July vs January (or spinning that around for sellers, you could make 50% more offloading the same jacket in January vs June).

All categories exhibit some seasonality, even if that's just an Xmas bump, that could be taken advantage of whether you buy or sell.

Interestingly it raises the possibility of the "profit making wardrobe". If you time your secondhand purchases and sales correctly, your wardrobe and style rotations could pay for themselves and even leave a bit to spare!

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