Improving The Platform For Our Sellers

New Seller Features

Thanks to all of you who have asked us for more regular communication on the status of your consignment - we totally agree with you and have been beavering away building the tech infrastructure to make it happen.

To that end, we're pleased to announce two new features:

Weekly 'Seller Update' emails:

Our sellers will now receive weekly 'Seller Update' emails (as pictured) which will give a snapshot of the latest stats on their consignment's performance, including a breakdown of which items have sold and total sales and payout figures. It will also contain a tracking link which can be used to view the status of their items live on the website. Please note, if you are expecting but did not receive these email updates for more than 7 days, try checking your spam folder and mark emails from us as 'Not Spam'! ;)

More control over when you get paid:

Rather than waiting for us to organize payment, you now have control over when you claim your payout. As part of the weekly 'Seller Update' emails, you will be notified how long your consignment has been up for sale and be given instructions on how to trigger payment at any time that suits you (once the initial 60 day listing period as elapsed).

We're hopeful these new features will improve the seller experience - but like with any new launch, we'd love to hear any questions or feedback you have - it really helps us improve! 

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