The 10 Best Fashion Brands To Sell Online

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Welcome to the first edition of Resale Insight from ReThread. Each week, we'll dig into our treasure trove of data to help you get savvy on your wardrobe decisions - for you, your wallet and the planet.

So let's start by making an important introduction...

Meet the ReThread Resale Index.

This nifty metric tells you how much of the retail value of your clothes you can expect to recoup when selling them secondhand. It varies hugely (more to come in later posts) and will allow you to unlock the hidden value in certain brands and categories.

Question: Would you buy differently if you knew some brands allow you to recoup 50% more of the retail price than others...?

Its like getting a whopping extra discount that no one advertised and could make your clothes budget go WAY further. Plus, it acts as a great incentive to be more circular - getting your clothing resold & reused once you're done wearing it.

So, without further ado....of the 3,500 brands on on our radar, you'll get the best return on investment by buying these 10 SUPER BRANDS.

 Top 10 Brands for Resale

Best 10 fashion brands to sell online


Dubarry takes top spot by a whisker, where you you can expect to earn back 56% of the retail price you paid. The other podium spots go to RAB and Hunter. Honourable mentions also go to Hush and Toast who feature as the highest placed non-category specialised brands.

The chart might look pretty, but how do you actually go about measuring this I hear you ask? Well we look at two things: (1) the likelihood of making a successful sale (we call this the sell-through rate); and (2) the resale price you can expect for used clothing vs the retail price you paid (we call this the retained value). Multiply these two things together and ta-dah! You have the ReThread Resale Index.

Lots more analyses to come, but if you have a particular interest in a brand or category just give us a shout! :)

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