The Best Activewear Brands For Resale

We're back with some stats. We know its a marmite thing, so if you really hate numbers, look away now.

So, this week, activewear brands. Its been the standout category for obvious reasons over the last year, so we'll caveat what follows by saying there are no badly performing brands here. They are all stellar performers. But if we had to choose between them, which brand is the market telling us is the hottest and most in demand right now?

Activewear Gym Sports Brands

As a reminder, we measure brand resale performance by two measures. (1) Sell Through Rate - which is the probability an item will sell/find a buyer; (2) Retained Value - which is the average resale price you can expect (if it sells) relative to the retail price you paid for it.

So looking at how the heavy hitters of activewear perform in our dataset of over 15 million historical secondhand sales. British brands Sweaty Betty and Gymshark come out trumps versus some very stiff competition (literally nothing shifts faster than a pair of Sweaty Betty leggings). Lululemon can be found in clear 3rd, while Nike edges out Adidas in the battle of the global behemoths.

But perhaps the most important point to make, is that all the brands in the activewear category outperform the resale average by 2-3x across both metrics. They re-sell REALLY well. You can expect to recoup 30-50% of what you paid even after using them. If you commit to the reselling life, some of these brands start to look like very good value...

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