The best performing fashion brands over the past year

The past 12 months have been tumultuous - and there is no exception for the fashion industry.

We've seen huge swings in buyer behaviour as lifestyles have been turned on their head. The market for loungewear has been RED HOT (Sweaty Betty leggings are the new gold standard folks), while demand for poor old formal wear has literally evaporated.

In this environment, some brands have thrived, and some have gone into full throttle reverse. In the chart below we show the top gainers over the past year, which have shown the largest annual increase in their resale prices as demand has soared.

There's some logical appearances in that list. Lots of activewear and outdoorsy brands (Hunter, Karrimor, Regatta, Asics, Berghaus, Trespass) as well as brands that specialise in more laid back laid back styles. But for old timers like Dior and Ralph Lauren, it seems that brand specific success has overcome global events as key driver. Hats off to their marketing teams.

So what's the takeaway? While some of the trends over the past year are likely to become entrenched, as the world hopefully opens up again over the coming months it might actually pay to back the brands which have been harder hit over the last year (more to come on that...).

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