What percentage of your wardrobe do you wear regularly?

The results are in...research shows that the average person wears about 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time (obviously that varies hugely between individuals!). That's far from the covetable, hardworking wardrobe with a small environmental footprint and a glowing social halo that many of us might dream of. 👼♻️

If you're looking for a leaner wardrobe with greater reusability, it might be time for a PROPER wardrobe review. Here are some recommended steps to take.

Step 1
Take everything in your wardrobe out, and separate it into two simple piles. A ‘yes’ pile for keeping and a ‘no’ pile for everything else that doesn’t work for you in its current form. Enlist an (honest rather kind) friend to help you judge.

Step 2
Place your ‘yes’ pile back into your wardrobe. Organisation is key here. Organise by garment types and colour code, so you can access and style more easily. Try to keep everything within view so you don't forget its there, e.g by using hangers or vertically (rather than horizontally) stacking.

Step 3
Revisit your ‘no’ pile. Items in good condition from good quality brands can be resold - giving them a new lease of life and allowing you to recoup some value (which can be used to spend on clothes you will actually wear!). Donating is also a great option for staples that still have many happy years ahead of them. For items that are too worn to be resold - don't throw them away - find your local clothing or textile bank and they will be recycled into things like mattress filler! Or for the more creative among you, why not try an upcycling project? check out @lydia__bolton for ideas!


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