Which Clothes Patterns Are Most In Demand?

For no particular reason other than sheer curiosity, we've decided to sift through our dataset of millions of secondhand clothes sales to work out which patterns and designs are most in demand right now.

The number we're looking at is the 'Sell through rate', which basically shows you the percentage of sellers that successfully found a buyer for that particular listing.

There's a lot of patterns out there, so we've decided to pick out the Top 5 and Bottom 5 in our infographic. The results actually show quite a marked variation, with the "hottest" pattern (the mighty Gingham) more than double as likely to find a buyer than Herringbone at the foot of the table. I'm not sure the latter's increasingly prevalent use in floor tiling has been a boon for popularity...

Anyway, what are the lessons? If you're buying clothes with the view to re-sell one day, then getting savvy on your pattern choices will allow you to more successfully recoup a larger chunk of what you spent. Plus, the data shows you that these are the patterns everyone is LOVING right now, so you are guaranteed many many compliments. 

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