Which Dress Styles Are Most In Demand?

Not all dresses are equal in the eyes of the secondhand buyer.

If you're looking at a spring wardrobe update, picking certain styles will boost your chances of being able to resell by over 3x. For those of you who like to do some wardrobe rotation through the seasons, this can matter, allowing you to clear more space and fund more of what you want to wear tomorrow with what you wear today.

So what's in and what's out? Looking at 2 million historical dress sales, we can see that the pinafore style (which includes dungaree) is proving the most popular, with 63% of listings successfully finding a buyer. The simple, statement style piece fits every season and any occasion and has become a bit of craze recently. A nod of the cap also needs to go to wrap, maxi and midi - with their enduring appeal evident with above average sell-through rates.

On the flip side, we have seen an excess of sellers versus buyers for styles such as bodycon, shirt, sheath and mini. Some of those more figure hugging styles a casualty of lockdown me thinks!

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