Your Selling Guide For Brands

When it comes to online resale, its hard to overemphasize the importance of brand name. In the absence of being able to sift through racks in a physical clothes shop, searching brand names is the online buyer's single most important tool to navigate a catalogue of preloved clothes online.

If your wardrobe is filled with contemporary well-known (and hence well-searched) brand names, then you are in the resale sweet spot. Your listings will get searched and viewed regularly, giving them the best chance of selling. On the flip side, if you have more niche brand names to a contemporary UK audience, then your listings may struggle to attract buyer traffic, regardless of the original value.

We accept over 3,000 brands determined by our pricing algorithim. When trying to succinctly communicate the threshold between accept and reject we use our "Zara and above" rule of thumb. What we mean by that is well-known brands that retail at approximately the £40-£50 range and greater. Another way of putting it is the 'better' quality high street names and above. Below that threshold we have the basic high street labels (e.g Next, M&S, H&M, Asos), which the data shows will perform much better in bricks and mortar charity shops than online, as the online market suffers from a glut of supply relative to demand.

Across the whole brand spectrum, there are great options to give your clothes a second life. You have the luxury consignment shops at the designer end, charity shops for the high street basics, and ReThread for everything in between! 


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