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Rethread team

Our story

We founded ReThread to fix a problem. Our team, led by founder Oli (below), passionately believed in the power of secondhand to do-good, but we were frustrated by just how many people were put off re-selling their clothes by the hassle of using fiddly "peer-to-peer" sites like eBay. So we set out to build a new type of online resale platform. One built on an end-to-end service which does all the hard work for you.

rethread founder oli brown

Oli Brown – Founder/CEO at ReThread 

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Our mission

Our goal is simple: to give secondhand a first-rate online platform. One which takes the hassle out of selling and the trust and fun back into buying (say goodbye to dodgy ebay sellers, grainy photos and no returns policies). In turn, our mission is to incentivise a whole new wave of people to engage with secondhand and go circular with their fashion choices.

For us, choosing preloved over new is about more than just finding great prices on your favourite brands. Its about acting with intention, choosing renewal over waste, and rejecting the fast fashion culture that is filling our planet with surplus.