What Sells

Our smart selling tech analyses data and trends from over 15 million past sales to help you gauge what sells best.

Up your bag acceptance rate and payouts by including these buyer favourites in your Selling Kit.

Brands our buyers love

We take brands that our data shows have a history of selling well online.

That means we accept almost any brand from good quality high street all the way up to designer. “Zara and above” is our rule of thumb!

A lack of online buyer demand means we are unable to accept items from budget labels (e.g supermarkets, Primark) or basic high street brands (e.g Next, Topshop, M&S, Asos). We also cannot take unbranded items.

The graphic below summarizes our brand acceptance criteria. A few popular examples are provided but we take many many more - over 1,500 brands to be exact! If you have any questions regarding a particular brand or item, or want a free valuation, please don’t hesitate to get in contact :)

Seasonal styles

Our data shows timing your sales for the right season can boost your selling price by up to 45% depending on how seasonally dependent the item is.

For Spring 2021, buyers want:

Spring dresses, light jackets, knitwear, boots, trainers, active-wear, designer handbags.

Buyers pay for condition

Our data shows buyers paid a premium of 50% for items in ‘new with tags’ condition. If you have any impulse purchases still sitting in your wardrobe with tags on - send them in!

Items in ‘like new’ or ‘excellent condition’ - with no or minimal wear - are in demand.

Visible wear or damage heavily impacts buyer demand and hence we are unable to sell such items for you.