Your payout for a successful sale is a percentage of an item’s net selling price:

Net selling price: Payout %
below £20.00: 40%
£20.00-£49.99: 50%
£50.00-£99.99: 60%
over £99.99: 70%

Where net selling price is calculated as the selling price after third party transaction fees. For items sold via eBay, the transaction fee is 14.28% + £0.36. For items sold via our website the transaction fee is 4.9% + £0.30 (representing Shopify + PayPal charges).

Why are payouts based on net selling price? As that is the value you would receive if you were to sell the item yourself on online marketplace like eBay. It allows you to see the true incremental cost of using our selling service.


Item sells via eBay for a headline price of £120
- eBay fee (£17.50)
= Item net selling price of £102.50
Your cash payout @ 70% is £71.75

Item sells via our website for a headline price of £30
- Shopify/PayPal fee (£1.77)
= Item net selling price of £28.23
Your cash payout @ 50% is £14.12

Charity fundraising? We’ll boost donations by 10%

Make a donation to a charity of your choice from your ReThread payout and we’ll top it up by 10%. See our FAQs page for details.

How we set our payouts

We are fully committed to transparency in how we set our payout structure. The payout levels reflect the cost of the time to process each item (inspect, professionally photograph, list, P&P) and hence higher value items can command higher percentages and vice versa. We also use the funds to invest in our business, including:

  • Paying our hard-working staff fairly
  • Building a quality online resale platform
  • Handling logistics & inventory for 000s of unique items
  • Building buzz about ReThread and #preloved