How do I order my free Selling Kit?

Its free and takes 30 seconds. Order here. Just tell us how many bags you want and where to send them.

How much can I fit in a Selling Kit?

More than you think!

Our reusable bags are 60cmx50cm and can carry around 10-15 items on average (roughly the size of a carry-on luggage bag).

Can I send in my own bag?

Yes absolutely! When filling out the form to order a Selling Kit, just select the option to have a free postage label emailed to you.

Just make sure the bag is within the max dimensions (60cmx50cmx50cm) and 10kg weight limit that our postage label allows.

How do I return my Selling Kit?

Your Selling Kit will have a free returns label already attached. So just fill it up with quality preloved items and drop it off at your nearest of 7,500 Collect+ stores.

Please note that if you are sending your Selling Kit off after 4 weeks, your returns label will need to be reprinted - just contact us and we'll email you a fresh label (totally free).

Is the Selling Kit I send tracked and insured?

Yes. Your parcel is fully tracked as part of the Collect+ return service and is insured up to £40. You can track the progress of your return using the Collect+ Tracking number provided on your courier receipt at the drop off point.

What items can I send to ReThread?

We have a 3 point checklist for accepting items to provide quality-assurance to buyers:

1) Category: We accept women’s, men’s & children’s. Clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories only. No underwear, lingerie, socks or non-fashion items.

2) Brand: We love good quality high street and premium brands. No items are accepted from budget or basic high street brands. Please read our brand take-list for more info and examples.

3) Condition: Items must be in clean and in ‘like new’ or ‘excellent’ condition. No defects (rips, stains or odour), no signs of wear (fading, shrinkage), no alterations. No fakes/counterfeits. Designer items may need further authentication (we will email you). If an external authentication is needed, fees may apply (see below).

Why may designer items be subject to an authentication fee?

Buyers are highly skeptical of top designer handbags and clothing without proof authenticity given the sheer number of counterfeits in the market. Examples of ‘at-risk’ brands include Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci etc.

To give that reassurance to buyers, who will in turn pay more, we need to be able to verify authenticity. We will email you if further authentication needs to be organised. That could involve a picture of a purchase receipt or we can organise verification by a 3rd party authentication service. If you agree to the latter, a small fee may apply (usually around £10). This fee will be deducted from your final payout. It’ll be worth it: the value of authentication to a buyer will more than pay for the fee.

What items will maximize my payout?

Check our What Sells section for a data-driven view on what items sell best online.

In short, in-season/on-trend fashion in ‘new’ or ‘like new’ condition from premium and designer brands.

How do you sell my items?

Our selling process is laid out on the Service Info page.

Please allow 1-2 weeks once we have received your Selling Kit to fully process and list your items for sale.

How do I get paid for my items?

Your balance will accumulate as items sell and the payout will be available at the earlier of A) when your batch of items sell; or B) the end of the 60 day listing window.

Payouts will be made in accordance with our payout structure.

Upon completion you will receive an emailed itemised receipt of your sales and payout. We will ask you to confirm your preferred bank/paypal account, or if you want to receive boosted store credit, and will then transfer the balance due.

How does the 10% charity top-up work?

We pledge to top-up charity donations made from payouts raised through our service by 10%.

The only thing we ask - after we transfer you the payout via the normal process - is that you send us proof of donation to your chosen charity (e.g JustGiving page receipt). We will then donate an extra 10% via the same channel.

My payout isn’t what I expected?

Please make sure you have read our payout structure.

Payouts may differ to what you expect based on the headline selling price of an item due to:

  • Payouts are based on Net Selling Price (after eBay and PayPal take their cut), not headline selling price. This is to make them comparable with with what you would receive by selling yourself.

  • We have accepted a ‘best offer’ price for your item on eBay. Before listing we use our SmartPricing algorithm to work out what your item is worth, and then set initial eBay prices slightly above this level. If we are made an offer by a buyer that is below the initial listing price but attractive relative to the estimate of ‘true worth’, we will accept the offer.

What happens to my unaccepted and unsold items?

For items that don’t pass our acceptance criteria for online selling, or fail to sell in the 60 day listing window, you have the choice between having the items:

A) Donated to our charity partners or recycled.

B) Returned to you for a £6 fee to cover the postage. The fee will be deducted from your payout.

Select your preferred option when ordering your Selling Kit.