Our Service

Items we accept

Our thorough 3 point quality standards help build buyer trust and allow us to accept only 70% of items in the average Selling Kit.

  • Category: Clothing, shoes and bags only. We accept women’s, men’s & children’s.
    • No underwear, jewellery, socks or non-fashion items.
  • Brand: We accept almost any brand from good quality high street upwards. See our brand take-list.
  • Condition: Clean and in ‘new with tags’, ‘like new’ or ‘excellent’ condition.
    • No defects (rips, stains or odour), no signs of wear (fading, shrinkage), no alterations.
    • No fakes/replicas. For buyer protection, we will not list items if authenticity is in doubt. We will email you if further authentication needs to be organised.

Items that don’t pass our quality standards are donated to our charity partners or can be returned for a £6 postage fee. You can choose which you prefer when ordering your Selling Kit.

The process

Accepted items are listed for sale on our website and top rated ebay store for up to 60 days.

You can track your live listings and sales by following our stores or feel free to email us for an update.

We use advanced selling tools such as professional photography, expert listings, SEO optimization, our SmartPricing algorithm and 5* buyer feedback to boost your selling prospects.

Our proprietary SmartPricing tech - which uses 5 million historical data points - informs the prices at which we list items. But you are free to request price changes or that an item be delisted if you wish.


Your balance will accumulate as items sell and the payout will be available at the earlier of A) when your batch of items sell; or B) the end of the 60 day listing window.

Payouts will be made in accordance with our payout structure.

Upon completion you will receive an emailed itemised receipt of your sales and we will ask you for your preferred method of payment (paypal or bank transfer). We will then transfer the balance due.

Items that don’t sell are donated to our charity partners or can be returned for a £6 postage fee.